Secure your Mobile Apps

Against constantly evolving cyber mobile threats,
no coding required.
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Enhance your Mobility

Add protection to pervasive applications like Yammer, Salesforce and OneDrive.
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Beyond Compliance

Encrypt sensitive data at rest and in transit

Set policies and procedures

User Authentication

Audit data usage and provide audit trails

Exceed compliance regulations and mandates across industries including HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley.Leverage Nativeflow’s technology to achieve the highest possible level of mobile compliance.Gain mobile application security, data security, audit trail, access control, and more.

AppDome™ Benefits

Data protection

Encryption of data at rest and in transit

Short time to market

Secure and wrap your app in minutes

Ensure compliance

All data events are audited to application backend

Solution based on application binary level

No source code modifications or SDK integration

Publishing the app

Deployed through AppStore, Google Play or anEnterprise store

Mobility Benefits

Secure enterprise data from mobile threats

Encryption of sensitive data at rest and in transit

Ensure mobile compliance

The Nativeflow platform provides comprehensive mobile security compliant with a variety of different regulatory requirements including HIPAA, SOX, SOC-2 and ISO27001

A seamless mobile experience

Users continue to work with native market apps

Complete IT control of company data

Giving IT the ability to remotely monitor and control corporate data, grant and revoke data access

Maintaining user’s Privacy

IT has no access to personal data on the mobile device


allowing working anywhere, anytime